Meet Our Pastor

Dr. Kevin Jenkins has served as a  special operations soldier in  the army of the Lord of Hosts  for over thirty years under the leadership of his commander in chief,  the Lord Jesus Christ.

 As a soldier in the Lord's army Dr. Jenkins has been deployed as a special ops pastor in various churches through out the east coast. He is an urban warfare specialist who  through combat experience has able by the power of the Holy Spirit  been instrumental in transformation of communities  and churches.

Dr. Jenkins has been well educated and prepared to carry out the Lord's assignment having completed basic training at Oakwood University (Bachelor of Arts in Theology), graduate training at the Seventh-day Adventist  Theological Seminary at Andrews University (Master of Divinity) and  post graduate training at The United Theological Seminary, Dayton, Ohio ( Doctor of Ministry in African American church ministry).

 He is  Rescue and Revive specialist training other Christian soldiers to be combat ready for rescue operations  service. He is  also a decorated  Spiritual combat warrior having been awarded pastor of  the year and Biblical preaching awards.

 Dr. Jenkins, a student of martial arts and self defense is a level 3 practitioner of the Israeli self defense form Krav Maga( contact combat). He is the father of two adult daughters and the grandfather of two grandsons.

 A courageous person is not the same as a fearless person. A person that displays courage is willing to face their fears and act in a manner that is appropriate for the situation, despite their fears.- Dale Comstock, Delta Force Retired.