22 Images Of The Best Rug In The World

For your enjoyment, here are the top 10 most expensive carpets ever sold. 10 – TheTabriz Carpet. The Tabriz Carpet. 09 – Fereghan Sarouk. Fereghan Sarouk. 08 – Portuguese Armorial. Portuguese Armorial. 07 – Mohtashem Kashan Carpet. 06 – Ziegler Mahal Carpet. 05 –Isfahan Carpet. 04 – Ushak Rug. 03 – Ziegler Mahal

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Many of the best rugs today come from Turkey, India, Pakistan, Nepal, and China. India, is known for its high production of 9/9 knot count products as well as its diversity of both traditional and modern designer rugs. Indian rugs often contain slightly coarser wool, making them heavy and very durable.

When the Kings, Queens and Aristocrats of Europe fell in love with Persian carpets, they called Persia ‘The land that walks on flowers.’

See the Largest Persian Rugs in the world including 1st largest rug in Abu Dhabi, the 2nd largestrug in a Mosque in Muscat, Oman and the 3rd largest rug.

Description and images of the top 10 most expensive Oriental rugs and Persian rugs in the world. Prices ranging from $68500 to $4.5 million.

A Persian carpet or Persian rug also known as Iranian carpet is a heavy textile, made for a wide variety of utilitarian and symbolic purpose, produced in Iran (historically known as Persia), for home use, local sale, and export. Carpet weaving is an essential part of Persian culture and Iranian art. Within the group of Oriental …

Specializing in antique rugs, the main strength of the Doris Leslie Blau Gallery has been to find world’s best Oriental and European rugs. In the past decade, the firm has also become a leading source of fine new and custom rugs based on patterns by designers like Mariette Himes Gomez and Amy Lau and …

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