Milk and Honey as a ScrubCommunity Q&A. Milk and … You will be mixing only a small amount ofmilk and honey, so the bowl or cup does not have to be big. … You want to end up with something a cream-like consistency.

You can prepare an exfoliating mask at home with the help of raw milk, honey, oatmeal and walnut powder. All you need is ½ tablespoonful of walnut powder, 2 tablespoonful of oatmeal, ½ tablespoonful of honey and 2 tablespoonful of raw milk. Mix all the ingredients properly to make a thick paste.

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It is the honey and milk mask, which is probably the best cleanser you can use on your face. Want to … Combining milk and honey can help you make a face mask or a cleanser, depending on your discretion. … Raw honey has been known to cure acne, and its efficacy increases when you mix it with milk.

Drinking Milk with Honey is much more delicious than having milk and honey separately This drinkalso combines the benefits of honey with milk for your health, skin as well hair.

Yes it is very good to drink milk with honey every morning. Honey is not just a simple … One can also enjoy a milk and honey bath, by mixing them in equal quantities in the water. ….. Most raw honey is white or cream colored and more thick and solid (not crystallized) rather than pourable like grocery store honey. Tupelo …

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