Here’s why you should … You owe it to yourself to see how good you’ll look and feel after drinking it for a couple weeks. It’s powerful stuff. … How many calories are in a cup of BP Coffee? You shouldn’t …

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Most of all, though, Bulletproof coffee is intended to be efficient, an easy way for the biohacking crowd to slurp down fats and calories (460 of them!) without so …. At work, I made a perfect little cup of Aeropress coffee with two tablespoons of Kerrygold butter, along with the full recommended amount of oil.

For example, no more than 120 calories of saturated fat should be consumed on a 2,000-calorie based diet. Simply one tablespoon of grass-fed butter alongside one tablespoon of MCT oil — necessary to make Bulletproof coffee — amounts to more than 100 percent of our recommended daily allowance of …
If you think about it that cup(s) of coffee is actually close to 500 calories mostly from fats. So what is the difference between drinking that or having a fatty 500 calorie breakfast (eggs bacon butter)? Does the coffee keep hunger at bay for a longer period , does it give you more energy… I am just curious.

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