Where did your favorite fast food French fry rank? … We’re looking for locally owned, Michigan based establishments that are making great French fries. Crispy on the outside, creamy, pure potato on the inside, with just the right amount of … these fries from worst to best, #9 to #1. Is your favorite on our list?

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$20 sandwich more than anything else in the world. … Fast food fries are usually just as delicious (if not more delicious) as the fries you’d get in any restaurant.

There’s one small change that can take the Double-Double from “best burger ever” to “literal perfection between two buns.” Ask for grilled onions—instead of … No matter how fancy the restaurant, “Tastes like McDonald’s fries” is the highest compliment you can give a french fry. Also, no other fast-food item has …
Restaurant details. collaxion. Saginaw, Michigan. 4. Reviewed July 15, 2017. The Most Delicious French Fries in the World. The potatoes are fresh cut and fried at the time of your order. They are perfectly cooked every time. Your choices of toppings are white vinegar, salt, both or neither. I have eaten fries just about …

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