12 Images Of The Best Dog Food For Older Or Senior Dogs

If your dog is getting older and slower, you may be worried about how much weight she has gained. Or maybe you have a dog that once chowed down with gusto, but now seems to have lost interest in food. When a beloved pet ages, its eating habits and dietary needs can change. WebMD talked with two veterinarians to …

12 {images|pictures|gallery} of the best dog food for older or senior dogs

When a dog becomes advanced in age, it will require more than just basic dog food. Experts recommend that senior dogs should only consume food with fewer calories. This is because olderdogs have problems with metabolizing and digesting food.

As our pets get older, their diet requirements change. Our experts review the bestdog food for senior dogs to promote health & happiness in later years!

However, as dogs become older and become “senior” they often have trouble metabolizing food as efficiently as they once did. They can begin to lose muscle tone. As dogsbecome elderly they may need more calories, not fewer. They may also need more good quality protein and foods that are easy for …

What is the best food for my senior dog? Older pets can sometimes experience pain in their joints, which may make your dog feel reluctant to exercise. This could lead to weight gain and the extra load could put further pressure on his joints. In order to keep your dog active, it is important that some ingredients might be more …

As your dog gets older, his dietary needs will start to change. Learn when you should consider switching to a senior dog food by knowing what to look for.

Dog food for senior dogs comes in a variety of formulas to suit all sizes, breeds and health conditions. Find the perfect choice for your older dog here.

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