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Compared to Science Diets W/D (Glucose Management formula) which has 51% carbs, Live Free looks pretty good. Their canned food is supposed to be even lower in carbs. I just emailed them to find out their carb & ash content. Below is what they replied with: Carbs LIVE FREE Puppy Chicken 21%

They do best on the diet they were born to eat. Fish oil. Fish oil is a good source ofcancer-fighting Omega 3, 6 and 9. These fatty acids are well-studied to help shrink tumors, lowerinflammation and provide a host of other health benefits. When fighting cancer, we recommend your dog take 1000mg of …

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The media and the Internet are full of advice on what diets should be fed for both pets and people with cancerfoods that should be fed or should be … While this is true in a test tube, improved survival or remission duration for pets being feed low carbohydrate diets has yet to be proven in dogs or cats.

Those cancer patients who have the highest blood sugar readings after eating have the lowestsurvival rates.” – Dr.Jockers Cancer is … However Dr. Sagman from Dog Food Advisor says: “… fiber is actually a carbohydrate. … So let’s go with this guideline: Protein + Fat + Moisture + Ash, then subtract that from 100 = Carbs

Dr. Ettinger’s views on diet have changed since she co-authored The Dog Cancer Survival Guide and attended the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Associations’ conference. This is important stuff! … The idea behind a cancer diet is low carb, and high in quality proteins and fats. While there is little scientific data …

In order to minimize the energy available to the tumour, it is important to limit and carefully selectcarbohydrate sources so that we feed the dog and not the tumour. Look for foods with a lowglycemic index. Lower-glucose carbohydrates include fruit (i.e., apples, berries, bananas), honey, peas, oatmeal, and brown rice.

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